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Thread: Off the Lexapro

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    Off the Lexapro

    I stopped 10mg Lexapro cold turkey in February.
    Cold turkey was very hard. I had tried tapering off but failed at that, then one day I just stopped taking the tablets. It was very hard and had all these symptoms popping up one after the other. Like all of them wanted 'attention' like a tantrumming child. Often from one extreme to another too. It was messing with my thinking for a little while. I was seeing my GP and psychologist very regularly while doing this.
    The withdrawals are sort of still ongoing. But in general, pretty much after the 4 month mark, I was re-discovering the old me. I have truly missed me.
    I sometimes still get low level anxiety. I still have appointments with my psychologist but these are monthly or longer now. .
    I do still sometimes take 2mg of valium to help stave off the beginning feelings of an anxiety/panic attack. Otherwise I go days and weeks now without anything.
    I am enjoying rediscovering myself after 3 years of Lexapro and 5-6 years of horrid anxiety and panic attacks.
    Only thing I have noticed is my memory seems to not be as sharp as it used to be. I am optimistic that it will improve.
    You WILL get better. You WILL become yourself again. There is life after Lexapro.
    If you have to go back on it, you are not failing, you just need a little help and that is okay.

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    Should I ever get to the stage of needing a little help, I now know to recognise it sooner and I will go back on it. But more than likely for a shorter time. Lexapro did what I needed it to for the time I needed. I am thankful for that. I am alive and here because of it. Despite experiencing ideations about 3-4 times in the whole time. But I was very low and dark at those times. This forum and reading everything has been a major help to me.
    I am also very thankful for this too.

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    And I have cancelled tomorrow appointment with my psychologist. I just do not need it.

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    Re: Off the Lexapro

    Really well done for reaching this stage and for taking this decision! It's always tough to make the break from psychology and from meds but with your attitude and confidence in your ability to cope on your own now you will go from strength to strength! You can always refer back to your psychology notes if you need to at some point.

    I wish you all the very best!

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