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Thread: Unhelpful thinking habits

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    Unhelpful thinking habits

    This is a generally really worthwhile website, although not laid out in a terribly user friendly way, there are stacks of resources on it for a wide range of mental health issues. I was particularly interested in this one, which concentrates on 'unhelpful thinking habits'....

    The self-help sheets are printable and 'useable for therapy purposes'.

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    Carys what a great article. I can definitely relate to some of them especially Catastrophising‘. I do that every time I get into a state about something. Also filtering out any positives and only focusing on bad/negatives is something I’m guilty of.
    Thankyou for such an insightful link. I’m going to save it to remind myself during those times when I feel my negative thinking is getting the better of me xx

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    Hiyer, thanks for reading it, you never know when you put things here if anyone finds them useful. My daughter was actually given the print out of this sheet for a college tutorial a few years ago...and I just found it again and thought it was a good place for it on here. I think we all do them to a lesser or greater extent, most human beings do many, all or a few to some extent...its when the extent they are done overrides other more helpful thought processes.

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    That’s really helpful, Carys. Thank you. I’ve sent it to my kindle for later. I like the positive affirmations

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    You are welcome.

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    Thanks for the site!

    I read a book "Positive Thinking" from Gill Hasson, it helps me a lot.
    “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.”

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    Just found this and it's definitely needed today. Thanks!

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    Re: Unhelpful thinking habits

    Thanks for posting this! 👋
    I’m definitely guilty of ‘catastrophising’ - as soon as I have a panic attack I think ‘Oh no, I won’t be able to cope’, ‘I’ll be panicking for months on end’ etc...

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