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Thread: Lexapro and anxiety!! Any luck with anyone?

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    Red face Lexapro and anxiety!! Any luck with anyone?

    Hello All, I'm currently on week 2 of lexapro! and i have had some luck with it so far after being such a short time. Week one was the worst with all the side effects but i seem to have resided them beside the insomnia that seems to have lingered anyone have the same effects on them. Also i have a lingering discomfort feeling in the morning time that usually wares off about 4pm to the remaining of the evening, its not so much and intense anxiety feeling its hard to explain but its not comfortable anyone go thru this as well?? Thank you ahead of time for anyone that responds to this. Its always good to hear about other people and how they cope with there situation.

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    Re: Lexapro and anxiety!! Any luck with anyone?


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