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Thread: My ECG - Can anyone interpret it?

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    Re: My ECG - Can anyone interpret it?

    Quote Originally Posted by th3joker View Post
    Sure thing, I was just curious wasn’t expecting medical advice merely an interpretation of what they mean.
    Think that amounts to the same thing to interpretate the readings would need a trained eye who would then give you medical advice ie a cardiologist or dr I for one would be interested in what they say! ATB

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    Re: My ECG - Can anyone interpret it?

    The thing is you never realy get the full picture when you ask the Doctor, they don't take the time to explain or they try and baffle you or obfuscate.

    It would just be nice to hear something other than that.

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    Re: My ECG - Can anyone interpret it?

    I honestly don't think anyone will be able to though, this isn't a medical site, but I can see you really want to understand and want answers. Do you have a GP who would give you the benefit of their thoughts ? Or even a practice nurse ? You could go with questions already written down ready to ask.

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