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Thread: Quetiapine dose...BPD/EUPD

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    Quetiapine dose...BPD/EUPD

    Hi all,

    After being admitted to hospital I was changed from Duloxitine to Quetiapine (50mg am & 75mg PM) & Klonopin 0.5mg in the morning as that when my anxiety is worse, been diagnosed with BPD (now known as EUPD).
    Iíve been experiencing issues falling asleep & waking early with the anxiety & itís not been like that for a few weeks (does this mean that my dosage may need changing?
    Doctors donít really want to keep me on the Klonopin although it does work.

    Help greatly appreciated!

    HB xx

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    Re: Quetiapine dose...BPD/EUPD

    If you were in hospital I quess it was because you went "high" and so they gave you quetiapine. I went high for two days on Trazadone -or so they said-)

    Duloxetine and most antidepressants can switch you to mania or the bipolar spectrum BUT it does always have to be like that.

    Quetiapine is short acting so you will wake early I am afraid and of course that happpens with depression too.

    Docs are being told not to use benzos any more !!
    I found phenergan at night helped but check with your medical advisors as it is a cousin of quetiapine.

    I hope you are well and want to be in control of your life. If so please go on line and look up DR Joanna Moncrieff. She does several videos on the thin evidence for antipsychotic use as being better than good support and talking treatment over using medication.
    Finally I would say its taken three years for me to get from100 of quetiapine to 25 at night.

    I am an ex GP/ Psych but my advice is NOT INSURED now so discussion with good understanding with your psychs is all I can offer --very best wishes.
    Remember psyche docs are very stuck in their ways --so do the research and good luck for the future.


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