After a year of fighting the NHS yes a year it took me to get a medication r/v with a psychiatrist absolutely appalling !!! I asked the doc for clonazepam she went over all the concerns doctors have about issuing it (as if I didn't know ( anyway as I'd never tried it b4 u said can I try 1/2 a 0.5 pill for panic she said yeah the less the better . She issued 28 pills 0.5mg take as and when . No more than 3x per week max .

I went away and experimented with doses 1/4 of pill no affect 1/2 a pill no affect 3/4 pill little or no affect 1 9.5mg pill slight calm . Issue is I wasn't experiencing high anxiety when I tried the doses I was simply attempting to establish a dose appropriate that won't knock me out . This experiment is so that when in need prn I'm aware of dose affective which doesn't knock me out .

The out come 1x 0.5 mg may bring a little calmness and simply reduces agitation however in an acute state of anxiety I predict won't help .

I have 5 problems I'm desperate for advice from any kind experienced person who would like to input as I'm not sure what steps to take .

1. I have been discharged from assessment team and ref secondary care ....who knows when I'll get seen there but when I do trying to get through a psychologist to a psychiatrist may pose some barriers as we all know those psychologists approach from their own perspectove .

2. I'm concerned that they will decode I've become tolerant or pushing for extra meds when reality is its a fact that the minimum dose is in affective first time experiment with clonazepam .

3. Nobody will re prescribe after the 28 days are over unless the psychiatrist specifically directs gp to continue script.

4. 3/4 pill made me feel normal yes normal not calm not relaxed just human which would be great to feel all the time not just as a present 3x a week .

5. Already on a cocktail of meds not helping agitation or severe acute anxiety attacks . Been through the whole of the BNF Psychiatric meds now I think .


Pregablin ..can't increase affects narcolepsy
Escitalopram 20mg - can't stop severe reaction

Meds tried
All ssri
Quiet a pine

The above doesn't suit me .