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Thread: Should I switch meds?

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    Should I switch meds?

    I was previously on 20 mg of Lexapro but was switched off about a year ago to Prozac because while I was doing well, I had some low energy and my psych thought this would be a better fit.

    Over about the past year and a half Iíve gained weight - about 40 more pounds than Iíd like. Iím trying to lose it but am wondering if the Prozac could be to blame as Iíve never had a weight problem before. Ive also had some increased anxiety in the past week but not terrible and it might just be due to coming out of the holidays.

    Is this a silly reason to see ahout a med change? Iím not at a dangerous weight - Iím 5í6 and 170 lbs but should be closer to 130 - I just donít like it.

    I still go a little bit crazy sometimes...
    but now I don't stay near as long.

    [Mostly] managing anxiety, HA, and depression.

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    Re: Should I switch meds?

    Prozac is actually the best SSRI to be on re weight gain. It has mild appetite suppressant effects (although I know that's not how it must seem to you). Patients on citalopram/escit and sertraline report more weight gain, with paroxetine being the worst culprit. I think you'd be best sticking to the Prozac.

    Are you taking any other meds? Have a chat with your pdoc about weight issue if it's bothering you though.

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