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Thread: EKG and blood tests

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    EKG and blood tests

    I had an EKG and blood tests a couple of weeks ago in the ER. They came back fine and my pulse and blood pressure have been fine except for when Iím all worked up. I had a cardiac nurse practitioner listen to my heart as well as my regular doctor. But since that ER scare I have felt chest tightness in the left side.. pretty constantly. It started as heart burn, an urgent care dr told me it was a side effect of the antidepressant and acid reflux. However, it is pretty constant everyday where I donít feel pain but tightness in my chest... gets worse the more I think about it. Would an EKG have shown if something was wrong with my heart? The tests barely reassured me at all. If itís not my heart Iím scared of some kind of cancer. Everyone keeps telling me itís anxiety... I wish I could believe that. I canít stop fearing death.

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    Re: EKG and blood tests

    The EKG will detect heart rhythm and it can also detect damage to your heart. If it came back fine I wouldn't worry. I had really bad heart worries and the clean EKG I got really reassured me. My doctor said since it was good I had nothing to worry about. You are fixated on it so irs going to continue to feel weird until you let it go. It sounds like tension to me. My left side will feel tight during times of high anxiety or stress because I subconsciously hold my arm differently. Try to relax and your symptoms should subside. Positive thoughts <3


    Just realized this is over a year old lmao. Hope you are well

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