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Well i was on 150mg of sertraline and it was increased to 200mg 7 or so weeks ago.
It is probably still a little early to draw any conclusions, but if you're not getting a good response at 10 weeks you will likely need to consider switching to something else. Citalopram and escitalopram have good track records for working when other SSRIs have quit.

My priority is sleep to be honest as i function much better when i have a good night. I took 50mg of the immediate release last night and found i slept well but groggy today, i guess it's a trade off between sleeping well and feeling not great the next day.
You could try halving a 25mg immediate-release tablet and taking 37.5mg. Sometimes a small dose drop can make a big difference.

but I was in and out in 15 mins, when the appointment letter said to allow an hour for the first appointment.

I was having a bad day that day and he suggested me going onto aripiprazole, but I had only been taking the quetiapine for 2 weeks so was reluctant to do that, hence the switch to slow release quetiapine from immediate.
Aripiprazole is usually less sedating than quetiapine so likely not the better option for insomnia. And neither is probably ideal for anxiety either. NICE recommends antipsychotics not be prescribed for GAD (or Panic Disorder).

I just wish he had sat down and took the time to go through all I was feeling and how it came about.
Next time stand your ground and go over all the things you want discussed. I don't know the financial ins and outs of the NHS system, but I'm guessing he was paid for an extended consolation, not the 15 minutes you got, so you're entitled to get your money's worth.