Iím currently on 225mg venlafaxine and 30mg mirtazapine and my psychiatrist has decided to introduce quetiapine as my other meds donít seem to be helping. Iím still very up and down with anxiety and depression.

I was under the impression the quetiapine would help with sleep but it seems to be having the opposite effect with me. I started on 25mg but was waking up at 5am feeling really agitated and restless, pounding heart and then was told to increase to 50mg yesterday but woke even earlier this morning and had to take a diazepam to get back to sleep.

Mood wise Iím ok today (but that could be the diazepam) but Iím really shaky and jittery. Is this a normal reaction? Should I maybe think about reducing one of my other meds as Iím concerned iíve got all these chemicals flying about. Mirtazapine seems to be less effective for sleep and my psychiatrist wants me to come off that eventually.

Iíve emailed her this morning but Iím just getting desperate for a solution to all this as iíve Been ill since January and have had enough.

Iíve been on 30mg mirtazapine since mid feb, started on venlafaxine in July and been on 225mg since the end of August. I have previously tried citalopram a few years back which worked well and came off that when I was pregnant. Started sertraline after the birth of my son and that worked ok until this year and changed to escitalopram in April which worked amazingly until June.

Sorry for rambling just fed up and want to get better.