Been feeling shite the last two months. Panic symptoms, self-hatred, mood going up and down, health anxiety, bla, bla, bla.
It's been a very stressful summer with a lot of illness in my family, and now that things have (for now) calmed down, it's as if I'm experiencing an "anxiety-hangover".
Decided that I'm going to try and pull myself together so that I don't risk going down an evil dark spiral further into anxiety's hellish hole.


Doing my best not to constantly think of "self-improvement" i.e. wanting to climb the corporate ladder, working out in order to look better, etc.
Engaging in small hobbies that are fun and creative for exampel, skateboarding (i suck but it's fun, simple and challenging), freestyle soccer, urban running, BMX, photography, playing the guitar, to name some, and with a focus on having fun and creating instead of competing and trying to win all the time.
Just generelly not taking most things too seriously, especially work.
Making a genuine effort to be more social, even though I have slight social phobia (surprise, surprise), I find social interaction makes my anxiety better.
Daily meditation with 5-second box breathing. Interesting article here: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-...ith-depression


I started taking basic over the counter multivitamins and cod-liver oil. My depressive thoughts have become better, but I've decided to go only with cod-liver oil just now as my anxiety has gotten slightly worse. Besides, most vitamins can be obtained through diet alone.
Coffee, a tricky one.. Coffee makes my anxiety symptoms a lot worse, but makes my depressive symptoms better. The solution here is to taper down slightly and now I'm drinking coffee with less caffeine.
Exclude energy drinks. These make me jittery.
Otherwise, I'll eat most things but try to reduce sugary foods ever so slightly.

Also I'm trying to improve my sleep discipline which I am surprisingly bad at. Hardly ever get more than 6-7 hours on a week night and I'm shooting for 8-9 hours.