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Thread: Any helpful tips for bad habbits?

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    Question Any helpful tips for bad habbits?

    I was just curious if anyone had any success stories for any bad habits they had conquered and possibly giving some advice or insight to how they succeeded.

    Here are some topics to cover and you are more than welcome to include any others:

    - Smoking
    - Drinking
    - Gambling

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    Re: Any helpful tips for bad habbits?

    Depends on what you consider to be a bad habit. I would suggest those things are addictions and as such, search out an addicts forum online. The secret for me was to realise I had a problem I couldn't control. I thought it was just a bad habit and that I could quit whenever I wanted to, but the reality was quite the opposite. Total surrender to knowing that you are unable to give it up and the common denominator is you. They usually follow AA's Big Book of the 12 steps. If it's a social thing that you do 4 times a year then it's not a problem. If you think it's a problem then it's more likely to be an addiction and the sooner you admit to being an addict the sooner you can walk the path to healing. Just speaking from experience not as a qualified advisor.

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    Re: Any helpful tips for bad habbits?

    Find something else to replace the bad habit which is good for you!

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    Re: Any helpful tips for bad habbits?

    Habits are behaviours that are practiced over time which have become 'hard wired' into the brain.

    The three you have listed are habits as well as chemical addictions. Alcohol, nicotine and serotonin (the buzz from gambling).

    The only way to break a habit is to unlearn the behaviour by practicing not doing them, or as Carnation pointed out finding an alternative. It won't happen overnight.

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