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Thread: Where is your anxiety held?

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    Where is your anxiety held?

    Hello. I have a query about where your anxiety is held in your body which may sound strange. I have health anxiety which is constant if itís not one thing itís another and Iím very aware of every new feeling going on within my body and every feeling is always something bad, always. But one constant is a feeling at the very top of my tummy area right in the middle itís a cross between anxiety/excited feeling but so annoying. It makes me feel as though i want to run round the block a few times , like high adrenaline. Itís been on and off for years but at the moment itís constant, I do have a bit of stress in my life at the moment which probably has caused it but i wondered if anyone else got it and if so is there any tips you can help me with. Thank you 😊

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    Re: Where is your anxiety held?

    I tense that area quite a bit and get some uncomfortable feelings because of it but I hold most of mine in my upper back/neck area. This causes tons of headaches and lightheadedness that can trigger my HA. It'd a vicious cycle I wish I could break.

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    Re: Where is your anxiety held?

    Hi Angibec

    I think I may be experiencing what you describe

    I find it really hard to explain the feeling in my stomach all the time itís like scared,anxious feeling of doom then all of a sudden I will feel uneasily calm like ďthe calm before the stormĒ and I feel sure something is about to happen

    I get a lot of like air bubbles in my upper stomach almost feels like I need to catch my breath

    My HA is homed in on my bowels at the moment and itís miserable I spoke to my doc last week and she said Iíd be fine but then I question if I told her everything

    Hope you feel better soon x

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