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Thread: Bad taste petrified I have cancer

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    Bad taste petrified I have cancer

    I have had a very bad taste for 5 weeks. Started after gastritis. Also have a yellowish tingly tongue. Took a Flucozanole in case it was thrush. Saw my dentist who says all is ok in my mouth so why this awful taste. Petrified it is cancer. Has anyone had the same? Going mad.
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    Re: Bad taste petrified I have cancer

    A bad taste in the mouth is fairly common with anxiety. I've had it many times in the past - I don't know the exact reason but I put it down to change in ph in the mouth, changes in normal oral flora, (anxiety causing mouth dryness and therefore that can change the last two points) and tension in my face. I have a tendency to press my tongue to the roof of my mouth and clench my teeth, this can cause a strange taste as disturbs the taste buds.

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    Re: Bad taste petrified I have cancer

    Hi Lynncarr, I also am getting a really bad taste. In my case, I think it is acid reflux, and it happens several times a day. Have you considered acid reflux as a possibility?

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    Re: Bad taste petrified I have cancer

    Hi, yes I have acid reflux, gastritis and a hiatus hernia. On Pantroprazole now but petrified it’s stomach cancer. My anxiety is off the scale which doesn’t help. I try and convince myself it’s my anxiety making the symptoms worse but really struggling. Thank you for replying.

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