Back again!

Couple of weeks ago, some stressful stuff was going in for work (I was applying for a promotion I wasn't sure I wanted), and I had what I can only describe as a 'flash' of anxiety.
My sleep was disturbed for a couple of nights, but only other issue was a bit of edginess, which came and went.
It has since got worse, with low-level anxiety alot of the time, and sleep not going well. Nowhere near as bad as last time, but there nonetheless.
So my question is- could this be a need to increase dosage again (max for these is 200mg daily)? FWIW, I was on the max dose for Citalopram.
Or, is it just a flash/ blip and I need to tough it out?
I wasn't shortlisted for the promotion, so that stress has gone, although I am a bit pissed off!
Also interesting that it seems to follow an annual pattern- always mid November... just coincidence? I think so, but not sure!

Thoughts welcome!

Many thanks,