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Thread: Couch25k Does exercise help

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    Couch25k Does exercise help

    I have suffered anxiety, depression and panic attacks for nearly 30 years.
    I have had medication from lithium to Venlafaxine and a few in the middle. As I keep cycling probably 2 long episodes of more than 2 years to a couple of weeks and up to 3 years with no real symptoms.

    I was wondering if exercise helps say swimming or running would help. I am rather large at 6ft and 19 stone and never really exercised other than walking the dog.
    One of my problems is that I sweat incredibly (you would have to see it to believe how much) and exercise obviously makes it worse.

    Any tips or successes to exercise?

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    Re: Couch25k Does exercise help

    Since my most recent bought of anxiety I've start doing yoga (really helps me relax) and swimming which I feel burns off some energy.

    The amount you sweat with yoga really depends on the type of yoga and how much effort you put in (which can be as much or as little as you want). Seimming might be a good choice - who's going to see how much you sweat when you're in the water?

    I had one GP recomend running and the couch to 5K earlierbin the year, to be honest though running just really isn't for me. A lot of people say it's really helpful for anxiety but I think I'll stick with the yoga and swimming.

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