I originally commented on an old thread on the Sertraline forum but got no replies so figured I'd start a new thread here and hopefully reach a wider audience.

I have been on Sertraline for 4 weeks for crippling health anxiety. 5 days ago, I suddenly came out in about half a dozen purple bruises on my arms & legs, a couple of them were huge! It was bizarre, they literally came up simultaneously over the course of one afternoon/evening. Unexplained bruising is listed as a serious but rare side effect of Sertraline (and other similar drugs such as Prozac & Citalopram) and the NHS site says you should seek immediate medical attention. I spoke to my GP who sent me to A&E. I was petrified! 5 hours and several blood tests later they said all was fine so likely Sertraline was to blame. I had to show A&E doc NHS site though as she'd not heard of this effect personally, only that it can cause GI bleeding. I was told to come off the drug straightaway. They also checked my urine and found a trace of blood. My period was due (and did actually start the next morning) so said likely cause but to ask GP to recheck urine if it didn't.

However, 2 days later I received a text with an appointment for a CT scan on thorax/abdomen/pelvis which sent me spiralling again. My rational brain is telling me they reviewed my notes and have decided to check for internal bleeding regardless as a precaution but my health anxiety says otherwise! Annoyingly, I cannot make the appointment which is scheduled for the end of this week so have contacted them to reschedule, awaiting response.

I came off the drug immediately and fingers crossed, no more bruises since and the original ones are fading fast. I've now missed 4 doses of Sertraline (was on 50mg) and touch wood no horrible side effects so far.

Has anyone else experienced this side effect? Seems it's pretty rare, given A&E doctor had to look it up, so don't want to panic anyone on these drugs.

I'm of course worrying what else it could be if Sertraline not to blame - was convinced I had leukaemia while sat in A&E but my blood count, including platelet count and blood clotting were "in the black" according to doctor, so assume nothing really bad. Apart from having anxiety, I feel perfectly well.

Sorry this is so long but would be grateful for any experiences.

Thank you x