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Thread: Good vibes needed

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    Good vibes needed

    Hello , I am having mammogram tomorrow, it is routine one. But, I am for some reason very scared and did not sleep last night . I have been having left arm issue for a month now, with some strange on and off soreness in the upper muscle. I had an x ray of that arm, and the x ray was normal. The soreness disappeared, but then all of a sudden yesterday afternoon was back, I cannot pinpoint the reason.

    I thought It had something to do with my breast, but doctor who ordered x ray said it would not be connected, and he also examined my left armpit which was normal. My question is: would something sinister show on x ray, or at least something which would warrant further investigation?

    And, again, please send good vibes for my mammogram tomorrow. My mental state in general has been really bad lately.

    Thank you


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    Re: Good vibes needed

    Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow. I canít give you any answers about your arm pain but Iíd trust your dr.

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    Re: Good vibes needed

    Thank you Scass.

    As to my arm x ray, I suppose it would have shown something sinister on the arm itself.

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    Re: Good vibes needed

    Good luck Lana!

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    Re: Good vibes needed

    Thank you Catkins!

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