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Thread: Foggy and woozy head

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    Foggy and woozy head

    Hi All,long time Anxiety and health anxiety sufferer. Can anyone relate to these symptoms as derealization maybe? In a very anxious period and just gone back on sertraline. Had bloods done and all seem ok. But last couple weeks I have this feeling of head pressure or lightheaded and sometimes it can last for hours at a time. Iím in a state of anxiety 24/7 and this feeling is increasing that.

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    Re: Foggy and woozy head

    I have been feeling the exact same recently, head pressure, dizziness, feeling like I canít focus on anything from being so over tired from anxiety. Yes I think it is derealisation

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    Re: Foggy and woozy head

    This thread is a couple months old, but just checking in that I feel the same symptoms - very foggy / woozy head with an overall sensation of pressure / tightness.

    It makes it hard talking face to face with people, can't focus on what they are saying and it feels 'unreal' - can anyone establish the cause ?

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    Re: Foggy and woozy head

    Try reading a book called “at last a life” by Paul David.

    This gives great insight. Best thing I did was just allow it to be there. Carry on with your day and if you don’t feel right, that’s absolutely fine. If you keep going about your day and allow yourself to feel the way you do, you will give your mind a rest which is exactly what it needs.

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