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Thread: Women of a certain age...

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Aww, that's a horrible dream BlueIris
    Please try to remember it's just a dream because you are certainly not worthless.
    Bloating and gas is so common, a little embarrassing with the gas if you are out. Its funny if it's a guy farting but a woman doing it is seen as disgusting. Mr C gives me one of his looks and he's like jet engine most of the time, lol.
    I know it sounds back to front but if I have a bloated tummy I will eat more to move the bloatedness. Or make a freshly squeezed lemon drink. Its such an uncomfortable feeling and makes you very sluggish.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    I'm really lucky, Mr Iris isn't particularly traditional and he's known I'm naturally gaseous since within a couple of weeks of first meeting me.

    This is the thing, bloating doesn't destroy my appetite, it makes me famished for some reason.
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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Yes, because mostly its air causing the bloating.
    It might have been from rushing a previous meal, taking in too much air when eating (this can happen when you talk while eating) or you might have had a mealtime with a much later time than usual.
    Obviously bloating can also be :time of the month' or with women they can still get the monthly cycle feelings.
    But if you are belching it's trapped wind. And a good fart releases that as well as eating even if your tummy is bloated.
    Mr Iris sounds a star

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    I have terrible wind, I often have to rush to the loo at work just to pass wind. Although sometimes it happens unexpectedly if I sneeze, cough or even laugh, fine when I'm not at work, not so good when I'm there.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Sneezing, coughing and laughing can also make me pee!
    Horrible, but true.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    I'll join been having peri for about almost ten years now, I am 50 years old, is another good website on all things peri and menopause. Also ladies you can have cold chills instead of hot flashes as well.

    Carnation omg me too, I can't laugh or cough or sneeze and I am peeing.

    Here is the symptoms I have had so far going through this
    Join aches and pain
    Mood Swings (I do have bipolar)
    Brain Fog
    not wanting to be around people
    being tired
    Cold Chills
    Not having a period for extended amounts of time
    dry skin
    feeling like my skin is crawling
    Bladder control issues, can't laugh, sneeze or cough without wetting myself
    Itchy skin
    insomnia (my sleep is never on track)
    weight gain
    muscle twitches
    Wanting to stay home and not really do anything
    Feeling like I have lost myself.
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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Welcome PKstracy.

    Those symptoms sound familiar.

    Has anyone mentioned no sex drive?

    And being easily irritated?

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Yes to both!

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Pkstracy I could tick off all of those except my periods are still pretty regular ( anywhere from 23-32 day cycles LOL. I used to be a to the day 28 day cycle). I'm 50 as well and not sure when I really started perimenopause. I only really started looking into it when my periods got a little wonky but a lot of the other symptoms I've had for many years.

    Hmm yeah Carnation sex drive what is that ?? LOL. Lucky hubby doesn't care. He's got so many pain issues he's probably glad haha. My moods are all over the place, cry over stupid things, get irritated by minor stuff etc. It's frustrating, I was a very chilled out person in my younger years.

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    Re: Women of a certain age...

    Hi all, not posted here in yonks but glad I found this thread!

    I was on HRT until two years ago and am now post meno but there isn't a day when something doesn't feel wonky!

    Still get a few hot flushes
    Digestive issues and nausea (have GORD anyway)
    Brain fog
    Poor concentration
    Lack of motivation
    Irritated sciatic nerve
    Psoriasis flare-ups
    Muscle aches

    The past few days I have had sore, tender skin and muscles all over - like when you have flu but I don't actually feel ill.

    Gritting my teeth hoping all this will settle down properly eventually!

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