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Thread: New topic idea

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    New topic idea

    Hi there, I couldnít see any topics on the forum relative to Neurodivergent overwhelm, its very much like anxiety but has different causes and although it is a form of anxiety its very different from things like GAD. Is there something like that that Iíve missed or is this something maybe worth adding?

    Not complaining just thought it worth mentioning!

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    Re: New topic idea

    I never heard of it to be honest.

    What is it?

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    Re: New topic idea

    I'm guessing it's sensory overload or possibly burnout, as seen on the autism spectrum. Am I right, Littleleaf?
    I definitely experience both of these, but I tend to post under GAD when it happens because in the end, it's still fear.

    You're right, it is different, but I'm not sure how much traffic there'd be.

    PS: Leicester is a lovely city, I often go there on my birthday.
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