We have mice this autumn, problem is I am scared shitless of them to begin with and I keep screaming in the night when I can hear them scratching.

I'm not so much scared of any diseases as I am of the germs and them destroying my possessions, I keep a lot of my art in my room and I'm scared they'll wee/poo/scratch on them and leave them unusuable due to the damage and germs.

People in my household are getting sick of my extreme phobia of mice even though I really do hate them. I just can't understand how they can just accept mice- I get that domestic mice are cute but wild mice are swimming with diseases.

I laid down poison twice, once on Saturday and once today. I also bought ultrasonic repellents and keep my door open so they can escape. But they keep on scratching in the night and getting closer to my things.

I just want them to go away before they cause any damage to my possessions.