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Thread: Worried about my friend (prostate)

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    Worried about my friend (prostate)

    I'm really worried as my friend has had urinary problems for about a year and he's had to have a lot of medical checks.

    He has attention deficit disorder so he doesn't stay on a subject long enough for you to get to the bottom of it, but he said 'the letter said they HAVE found a solid bit..' then he drifted off onto other things. The emphasis on have was from him. He's not worried but that will be partly because he won't know what that means. I know he's recently had a blood test that they said they were not worried about, but I don't know if it was for that or something else as he's got a couple of other (bothersome but not worrying health things)

    I'm so worried about this my friend has a lot of problems, often winds people up without meaning to and therefore gets a lot of negative feedback. He is also really well liked as people know he doesn't mean stuff, but I already feel sorry for him and now I'm just so worried.

    I have PTSD over the loss of someone also.

    But this is, in some ways, even less about fear (though I'm terrified), and more terrible sadness. I can never make anything better for him, his problems never allow it and now this is worrying me. Solid is not usually benign is it.

    I will get him to read out the letter properly soon but does anyone have experience of benign or malignant prostate conditions? He's full of energy and otherwise ok but a lot of urinary problems for about a year. They haven't got worse but they are significant.

    Appreciate any wisdom. I feel very low tonight for some reason.

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    Re: Worried about my friend (prostate)

    The urinary problems have been urgency (but not frequency) with only slight incontinence if cannot get to a toilet, an example being trying to find his way to the hospital and they said he had to arrive with a full bladder for a scan. He had slight incontinence then (but would have been full on if he couldn't get to the bathroom so I guess that's all relative). But in his ordinary day to day life he's not incontinent because the toilet is nearby and nothing is stopping him from getting to it.

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