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Thread: More sensitive to pain with GA?

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    More sensitive to pain with GA?

    Does anyone else feel that with anxiety we feel pain more intensely than we should?
    Back ache that feels like it's broken or headache that mimics brain tumour? I honestly wonder how I can put up with all this pain. But there's nothing seriously wrong! Do non- anxiety sufferers not feel pain the way I do? I feel like I'm making a fuss about nothing, but on the other hand I'm sure I should be hospitalised! Please tell me I'm not the only one.
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    Re: More sensitive to pain with GA?

    I’m sure we do. Pain makes us anxious and anxiety makes us feel it more acutely. Not because it’s worse for us than others it’s just that we hyper focus on it. That’s what makes it worse. We have our own scans, far better than any hospital. Wake up, full body scan. All ok? Great, get on with day. Heaven help us if there is a distant niggle.
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    Re: More sensitive to pain with GA?

    Thanks and you're so right. I love what you say about the early morning full body scan. That's SO me
    Trouble is, because my mind overreact to every symptom I never know if it's serious or not.
    And the pain is very real! I'm so sure it's not imagined.

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    Re: More sensitive to pain with GA?

    Psychosomatic symptoms spring to mind, which I sometimes suffer.

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    Re: More sensitive to pain with GA?

    Yes! absolutely. I was actually searching for posts on this the other day. I feel like I'm always hyper-aware to any pain in different parts of my body which then translates into fear of serious illness (usually cancer) close to whichever body part is affected. Sometimes i'm not even sure if it's pain, or just a normal bodily feeling that most people would just dismiss as completely fine....

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