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Thread: Sore nipples and breasts

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    Sore nipples and breasts

    Hello all,

    I'm a 27 year old female and I am currently on the mini pill (cerazette).

    For the past week or so, I have had sore nipples and breasts which have been quite sensitive. I don't always notice it, I can only really tell when I'm not wearing a bra. Today my nipples feel almost kind of swollen and sore.

    It is important to note that in the first week of March I had a potential contraceptive failure. I had sex the night before I was due to pick up my next pill prescription but I went the next day and they had messed up the order and didn't have it, meaning I had to wait a few more days. I did get a morning after pill and then continued my pill when I got it a few days later.

    I came back from holiday and noticed the soreness, worried immediately that it was pregnancy so brought a couple of tests. Did the first one last week (which was about 2 and a half weeks after the potential failure) and it was negative. I was aware it still might be too soon so took another yesterday which made it about 3 and a half weeks after the potential failure. Again it was negative. I am aware that it still may be too soon and plan on taking another test in a week's time too be sure . But that is still two negative tests.

    I used to get breast soreness before my period but I currently don't really get periods on the mini pill. Which leads to my next question - could my pill be causing this? I did google it and it seems that breast pain/soreness is a really common side effect for women on cerazette. However, I have been on this pill since December, would it only start causing this symptom now? Would the five day break from pill cause it to then have side effects?

    I was on the combined pill for a few months but found a few months into it, it was causing me thrush so stopped it and haven't had it since. So I guess it's possible for your pill to suddenly throw side effects on you. I guess it's also possible that I could be getting a period but my experience on the mini pill so far is that it stops altogether.

    Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Is cancer a possibility?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Sore nipples and breasts

    It could well be just a change in hormone levels due to the gap in the pill.

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