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Thread: Bowel Problems and Terrified

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    Bowel Problems and Terrified

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post, although I have been here for a while as a (self diagnosed) sufferer of HA.

    The reason for me posting today is because Iím terrified. Just after my Grandfatherís funeral on Thursday morning, I was sitting there with family and suddenly felt urgent cramps and a need to go to the toilet. I couldnít pass anything but some wind. This happened a few times over the next few hours, always preceding by the painful urgent cramps until I passed a tiny amount and was so scared to notice there was blood. It was a small amount on the tiny piece of poo but I completely freaked out. Since then (itís been 2.5 days now) I have not seen any more blood. Upped my water intake in case of constipation and although the poo has looked much more normal in terms of consistency I am needing to go several times a day, always with the urgent crampy feeling beforehand. Itís almost like food-poisoning cramps but I donít have any other symptoms of food poisoning and everyone around me is fine.

    Along with this, I am having some intermittent sharp left sided abdominal pain which is separate to the cramps and just scaring me further.

    The cramps ease after Iíve been, until they build up again goes later. Iím more gassy than usual as well. Itís beginning to affect my day to day life. I donít have any history of IBS although on my last visit (for a staph infection on my skin, as well as sinus issues Iím struggling to shake off) my doctor did speak to me about my stress levels.

    I began taking iron supplements a couple of weeks ago. I havenít taken any in 3 days now in case they are the cause - but if they were, I would have thought I would have had some improvement by now.

    Iím so scared of the worst. I seem so unable to think rationally and I know that I will need to see the doctor if it continues but I was just hoping to reach out for some support. So many of you are so kind and manage to say just the right thing to others.

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    Re: Bowel Problems and Terrified

    Of course youíre scared and I do understand why, but it sounds like it was a one off event, mostly caused by your stress over the event. Also, iron is notorious for constipation!

    Good idea upping your water, also maybe fibre. Have a look at anything else in your life that could affect your bowel habits.

    Wishing you well! X

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    Re: Bowel Problems and Terrified

    I am thinking it is due to stress, and IBS can flare up at anytime. Keep drinking lots of water and increasing fibre, slowly though as too much can cause all those issues.

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    Re: Bowel Problems and Terrified

    Thank you both for your responses ❤️❤️

    I spent the weekend in a bit of a panic over all this. Thankfully though Iíve had no more blood and since yesterday early on, Iíve had no more painful cramps signifying wind/needing the loo. What panicked me most yesterday was the bloating that seemed to come back almost as soon as it eased.

    Today however Iíve had no bloating 🙌🏼🤞 and no cramps.

    Still the sporadic mild sharp pains in my left side but the last debilitating thing for me at the moment is how exhausted I feel!

    I wonder if I could have got some sort of infection Iíve been fighting off and now Iím tired from it?! Or also - stress.

    Thanks for listening to me - my husband is the most laidback person ever and none of this would bother him in the slightest. I envy people who don't get stressed like this - it so helps to talk on here. X

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    Re: Bowel Problems and Terrified

    It's most likely IBS, and it can take weeks to have an Ibs free day. I am having a flare up now after not having one for two months and I am just so sick o the cycle.

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