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    Hi all, I'm terrified.

    I've recently damaged what seems to be my ulnar nerve. I already have a fear of ALS/MND and it appears that nerve damage can lead to ALS/MND.
    I'm terrified. I'm spiralling and I'm pretty sure this is it for me.
    It's on my right side and I've also experienced sciatica on my right side so I'm certain it'll start on my right side. Ugh, I need help to calm down.
    Along woth the stress and anxiety, this can't be good.

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    Re: Terrified

    I understand you're scared, but you literally just posted a thread about this a few days ago. There's no need to open multiple threads for the same issue.
    You've been going down this rabbit hole for a very long time now. It's never ALS. It isn't this time either.
    You really really really need to get a handle on your health anxiety. Living your life as if you have ALS every day, is not living your life.

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