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Thread: Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

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    Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

    Please help,

    Iíve been for ultrasounds in the past and every time the person doing the scan will talk through what they are seeing.
    This time all I saw was concerned faces, asked me all kinds of questions about symptoms and past ovarian cysts and then at the end they said they would write up a report and send it to me gp.

    I can only assume that them saying nothing is bad news. Why would they not tell me what they could see?

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    Re: Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

    I've had the opposite experience - I've never had imaging of any kind done where the person doing it said anything about what they were seeing. I was under the impression they weren't allowed, and that the radiologist's report would be the only information I would get.

    It's also not a good idea trying to read faces - those of us with HA are already primed to expect the worst, and it's way too easy to interpret a certain facial expression the wrong way.

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    Re: Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

    I have never been told results either as they have to do a formal report for the doctor

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    Re: Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

    Thank you for the reassurance.
    Iím now more aware that itís not common practice for them to tell patients what they can see, only in my past experiences they always have. One of the people there was a trainee too.
    Now the waiting to find out anxietyÖ!
    They didnít tell me if I have to phone my gp or if the gp will be in touch with me..

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    Re: Ultrasound people told me nothing- why?

    Has your GP called you yet?

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