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Thread: depersonalization coming back grrrrrr

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    depersonalization coming back grrrrrr

    why oh why is this coming back dont like it and dont need it right now,i havent been feeling myself lately my daughtors due to have her baby she still lives at home and my dog is ready to have her pups around the same time and im not looking forward to it.ive been feeling preasured with my dog having her pups as everyone wants them family and freinds but they all seem to think because there family and freinds i should give them away ur just sell them at reduced priceses i feel awful and wish she wasnt having them i dont like to charge them as i do feel meen but my husband is saying that they are pedegree dogs and they cost alot of money there full pedegree with papers and we payed nearly a thousand pound for the two of them last year.anyway i was on my way home today from work when all of a sudden i felt unreal the headlights on the cars coming towards me suddenly freaked me out i feel so freaked out i cannot explain it but it is so scairy i feel im loosing control ive lost my bank card my husband is saying to ring the bank but im so freaked out by these thoughts of unreality that i carnt get my head around wots more important i feel so unreal its scairy will these feelings go away

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    Re: depersonalization coming back grrrrrr

    hi you seem to be under alot of pressure at the moment real stressful time for you the feelings of unreality and depersonlistion will go in time .i no how awful that feeling is and i suffer it specialy wen im unders alot of stress which by the sounds of it you are .once everything settles down you shud start to feel bit better and i agree you shud sell your puppies ther pedigree let me no how your geting on i realy understand ive been ther tc x
    elaine the painxxx

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    Re: depersonalization coming back grrrrrr

    I know how you feel as I breed Siamese Cats, and family members think you should just give them to them

    say no firmly!! as you say, they are pedigree animals that cost an awful lot of money, not only to buy, but to feed, vet care, stud fee's etc..

    others don't always realise the costs involved, and you have every right to try and recoup some of your costs


    Life is a journey, not a destination

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    Re: depersonalization coming back grrrrrr

    Ialways have these fellings i feel like im not me half the time some1 wil start talking to me an sometimes i feel like im not me an a dunno whos even talking 2 me even tho ive known them 4 ages.It really is 1 of the worst things 2 have,it sounds really stupid but when this happens to me i keep saying my name in my head an if im talking to someone i`ll say theres aswel an it brings me back
    hope this dosnt sound mad an has maybe helped in some way
    luv c xx

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