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Thread: How to raise a concern about a forum post or member

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    How to raise a concern about a forum post or member

    We want your visit to NMP to be productive and and of benefit to you but sometimes you may feel uncomfortable about something.

    If you have any issues about a thread you have read, concerns or issues with another member or had some problems in the chat room the following are procedures to inform Administration:

    If you would like to warn us about a post then please report the post by clicking on the exclamation mark in a red triangle next to it. This will send a mail to all admins to alert them.

    report post.png

    You can also send a Private Message (PM) to the user "nmpadmin" and it will be dealt with by one of the admins. You send PM's by clicking on Private Message (near the top of the screen) and selecting "Send new message". Enter nmpadmin as the recipient


    Please let us know what you concerns are about (the thread post) or the member name and why you have these concerns.

    These will be discussed by the admins and if necessary the offending thread/post may be deleted until the admins have time to discuss it.

    We take rule breaking seriously and will not tolerate abuse of the forum or chat room but equally we will look at both sides to every story and not judge people unfairly.

    Above all we are all human and sometimes things get heated and we say things we do not mean. Most arguements or concerns can be easily resolved so please give us the chance to do this and work with us to resolve any issues.

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