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Thread: Smear test again

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    Smear test again

    Since being diagnosed with severe abnormalities on my smear, I have noticed a dull ache in the bottom of my stomach, I also had back pain in my lower back about 6 months ago and it went away but has now returned, so I am thinking oh my god these are all the symptoms of cervical cancer. I have to go to a Colposcopy on the 24th April and have the bad cells removed but just wonder how ill (mentally) I am going to be in 3 weeks time, I know that I can't wait that long. Since finding out I haven't been eating, I can only sleep with sleeping tablets. If there any other ladies out there who have been through this I would really appreciate any advice on how to help with the waiting.

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    Re: Smear test again


    Ok so they have found abnormalities on your smear- these are usually pre cancerous cells, not cancer nor harmful.
    It just refers to changes of the cervix & usually turn out to be harmful 90% of the time. It is good that its been flagged up now & your having your colposcopy.

    I totally know how your feeling as a health anxiety sufferer, i was told a few weeks ago after having a coil fitted that i have posterior cervix so now i am thinking was my previous smear done incorrectly if this is the case as no one has ever pointed it out. It is normal for us to worry more than the next person & it makes us feel very ill...but you really have to eat & take care of yourself as what good is that? You will just feel more ill & dehydrated which will only enhance the back pain etc..

    I can assure you that the stomach & back pain is all health anxiety, these symptoms would come a lot later on if you had cervical cancer hun.

    Nic x
    Nicola Butcher (Registered Nurse)

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    Re: Smear test again

    I was having all sorts of aches and pains at the lower abdomen and back - I was sent for internal and external exam for ovarian cancer - both results were fine (TG) but like you the waiting and the fear of "what if" is awful.
    At the moment I am waiting for an MRI scan of my head and i do not know how I am getting through the days.
    I tried to have it done in January but freaked out and now I have to have another go.
    Easier said than done BUT you must keep your strength up - try to be as normal as poss.
    Good luck for 24th
    Best wishes

    Ps. they put all my abdomen pain down to IBS.....

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    Re: Smear test again

    MVP hunni this is anxiety doing this to you hunni, the answer is in your first line of your post.... you put ' Since being diagnosed with severe abnormalities on my smear' which sort of indicates that you hadn't noticed the symptoms before your results. I'm not knocking you for it as I am exactly the same! At the moment, you have abnormal results, that are going to be checked out and possibly removed, nothing more sinister at present and probably won't be anything more sinister. Try not to look for symptoms now because of a simple procedure you are aware that you have to go through. I know how hard it is not to worry, I'm the words worst! Just remember that you are in the process of having the colposcopy and getting these niggly abnormal CELLS sorted out and at the moment there is nothing else you can do to change this, you have taken the steps and followed procedures to sort it out. Our minds are incredibly powerful and do the oddest things to us at times!

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    Re: Smear test again

    I went through this in Jan 2000 and had to have the abnormal cells removed. At the time i did not suffer with health anxiety, however i lost loads of sleep and panicked loads. All went fine and i was reasurred along the way and since then have to have a smear every 12 months which i am very happy with. My doc told me that it can take years for the cells to change to cancer so a smear gives you a good warning time to get things sorted. The back and tummy pain is most likely to be anxiety, and you really need to eat or the anxiety will just get worse. PM if you want any advice or support.

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    Re: Smear test again

    I am going for a colposcopy in june for abnormal cells. they are only borderline but have been the same now for the last two smear tests. I know the worry you are going through, and I also suffered from period like aches when my periods werent due, but i never underestimate how much anxiety can cause phantom symptoms to appear. As the others have said, the colposcopy is to detect precancerous cells that can be removed long before a problem occurrs as cervical cancer is slow developing. But I totally understand your worries, as I am experiencing the same myself. If you want, you can send me a private message and we will keep in touch with one another whilst we both get sorted. Im sure we are both fine, its justharder to believe when you suffer from health anxiety.... but thats all it is... anxiety. Keep in touch with me lass. You will be just fine... just as I will. Its just it gives your imagination a field trip... dont give into it. x

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    Re: Smear test again

    when my smear test results came back saying severe changes i started having a lot of stomach pains (which were not there before my smear test) but after i had my colposcopy done they just faded away once i found out it wasn't anything serious.I haven't had my treatment yet but still pain free so i know mine was down to anxiety,i know its hard but please try not to worry

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    Re: Smear test again

    I also had the aches and pains you're talking about when I was diagnosed with abnormalities. All the way through until the problem was sorted out and then, like other posts, they started to disappear. I totally understand what you're going through and it's hell. I have pm'd you a lot and I know that I can't help much - but I went through it all.... and I think your aches and pains are a result of fear and anxiety as opposed to anything else.

    Thinking of you for wednesday, and please let us know how it goes.

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