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Thread: sertraline, bruising

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    sertraline, bruising

    i went into the ER tonight as I have been having lots of bruising and the nurse hotline said to go in to get levels checked as that could be a sign of sertratonin symdrome. Went in, got cbc, metobolic panel and blot clotting test. All were normal, but I do need to start blood pressure meds as it was 160/90, then 147/92.

    Does anyone gets bruising with this medicine? My son is quite playful now, but I know they are not all from him. I got 3 bruises on my inner thigh just today. I think I am going to ween off of this, only been on it for about 6 weeks. Then start bp meds and that should take care of both.

    Just looking from some answers.

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    Re: sertraline, bruising

    I've never had this medication but when I was on Prozac I was comning up with bruises all over my legs. When I stopped taking the Prozac the bruising went and now I hardly ever get a bruise

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    Re: sertraline, bruising

    Thank you so much for replying. I posted once before but no one replied and it is scary when you go to see if there is a connection and read that it is a rare but serious side effect.

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