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    I am about to start Lexapro for health anxiety.

    My main concern is insomnia. I figure I will start off very slow, with just 2.5 mg for a few days then increase, but I'm not sure whether I should take it in the morning or at night so that it doesn't interfere too much with my sleep.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Lexapro

    Ive been on lexapro 10mg for 5 months now, and i take mine with dinner, it doesnt interfear with my sleeping patterns, but its diff for everybody.

    Starting off with such a low dosage you should have very minimal effects anyways.

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    Re: Lexapro

    I was on it for 3.5 yrs (10mg) and it was a great help.I started on 5 mg then went to 10 after 2 weeks .Easy to get off too
    Just been off 2 weeks
    I found it was better to take it in the morning
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    Re: Lexapro


    I was on 10mg for 2 1/2 years and always took it in the morning. For me it was the wonder pill and I never felt better. Also when I weaned off it, no problems at all.

    Good luck with it and hopefully you will feel a lot better soon.

    Take care
    Natalie x

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