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Thread: Looking for friends, male/female

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    Looking for friends, male/female


    Im a 32 year old female from Lancs and i currently suffer with anxiety and depression :( im really interested in chatting to some people from here that are also in need of some friendship at the moment so i would be happy to hear from anyone male/female.

    Helen x

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    Re: Looking for friends, male/female

    Hi Hun

    I will be your friend Its always good to talk about things and even better to people who know what you are going through. Feel free to pm me anytime.

    P x

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    Re: Looking for friends, male/female

    same goes hun anytime ya need a chat pm me and il send u my details if ya fancy the old fashion way of writing lol im katie 24 single mum most of my friends dnt understand what im going thru so wud be great 2 talk 2 sum 1 who does x

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    Re: Looking for friends, male/female

    you can PM me too for my MSN :-) I must I can be quite at times till I get know someone

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    Re: Looking for friends, male/female

    Hi Helen, Im also from Lancashire. Would like to get to know you, send me a message anytime and we can have a chat.

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    Re: Looking for friends, male/female

    same here if u want chat just pm me

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