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Thread: Little boys op! So worried :(

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    Little boys op! So worried :(

    My little boy is going into hospital for his tonsils and adanoids out next Wednesday and to be honest I am beside myself with worry. I know that many children go through this procedure but I cannot stop thnking about it. Mainly, I am frightened of him going under aneasthetic and then I am worried about the bleeding and high risk of infection!! I am beside myself with worry and cannot think of anything else. Fortunately, i have not passed these anxieties on to my son who is excited at the prospect of going into hospital, all he cares about his playing in the play room afterwards and the new Spongebob pyjamas he will be wearing for his stay. He is 4 and he does not realise the implications of the appointment, another reason I feel guilty, i feel as if I am misguiding him on what will happen!!!

    I just want to cry when I think about it, I feel as if I have set him up for this pain and I am worried he will have complications. I cant forget about it and I am tempted to pull out saying that he;s ill and cant attend his appointment. The worry is making me sick and my anxiety is through the roof.

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Please tey not to worry He will be fine, BOTH my girls wnet in on the same day, went to theatre one after the other and like you i was beside myself but they were totally fine, My youngest daughter i haven't passed my anxiety on to and she was brill she went to sleep through medicine into her hand and recovered very well, my oldest however she is very anxious and we had a huge fight and in the end they had to give her gas and she didn't come round as good... My youngest who wasn't scared was eating hot wings from KFC within hours so just goes to show the less the worry the better they are... Believe me he will be fine, he's at the best age to have it done...I did have a panic attack myself after they had gone to theatre i had to go outside and get some air but you have to be strong in front of your boy, once he's having the op you let yourself have a wobble it's allowed... good look and try not to worry x x x x

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Pinkpiglet, if the op is going to help him, please try not to cancel. I had my tonsils out when I was four and em that's 45 years ago - no ill-effects! If he's focused on the playroom and Spongebob, that's totally fine and there's nothing to feel guilty about. One of my main memories from it is the Noah's Ark chocolate cake my mum made for me coming home. Hope all goes well x

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Hi, I think you're doing a wonderful job with your son! The Docs wouldn't have organised an op if it didn't help your son. When I had my adenoids out I looked forward to icecream! I think I must be ages with JaneC! No KFC's then!
    Mind you when your children go in hospital I think mums and dads really feel it! x

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Thankyou for all your replies!
    Panickypants!! How on earthl did you cope with two babies going down to theatre on the same day?? I am more worried about the aneasthetic!! I am just so frightened that he will have some serious ill affect and I would never forgive myself. I am angry at myself for thinking so morbidly and am trying so hard to think positively but it just isnt happening. I have had a phobia about aneasthesia since i was pregnant with my son. I worried that if i had to have an emergency c section and was put to sleep that I would not wake up.
    I know that my little boy needs this op, he as sleep apnea and he chokes on his food from his enlarged tonsils (sometimes to the point where we thought we would never dislodge the food), I asked the consultant/surgeon if he really thought it was necessary and he feels that in his opinion, it is. I just feel so tempted to cancel, I dont know what to do for the best. However, I hear what you are all saying and I thank you all for your reassuring replies.

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(


    I really feel for you being a mum myself. But also being a children's nurse I've seen so many children have ops over the years and it is the parents who suffer so much more, the tears I've seen in the anaesthetic room would fill a swimming pool!

    Your little boy will be fine, he'll be fussed over by the staff and bounce back so quickly, you'll take much longer to recover from it than him! The side effects are extremely rare and if they did occur they would get sorted out ever so quickly, have trust in my fellow medical/nursing staff.

    Remember he's having done what he needs to improve his quality of life, he wouldn't thank you in the future if you denied him it....

    Let us know how it all goes afterwards.

    Clare X

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Piglet, I had my adenoids out when I was a little girl and it drastically improved my life. I hope it goes just as well for your little one.

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    Re: Little boys op! So worried :(

    Im sure your little ones will be fine. My eldest son several years ago had his adenoids old with no problems at all. He says all he can remember, was playing with the toys and eating ice cream.
    I think I am. Im sure I am, at least I think I must be.

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