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  1. Don't know what to do/need advice!
  2. problem being out
  3. No friends, need someone to talk to
  4. Presentation.. terrified
  5. Fear of Eating and Drinking at work
  6. Going for a date in a few days. HELP.
  7. Scared and i dont know why
  8. Covering mouth when speaking
  9. letting u all know how i am getting on
  10. cant talk to people
  11. Christmas: A social anxiety minefield
  12. Can someone hear me out please? Am I a really bad person?
  13. Sunday dinner at in-laws!!
  14. Sometimes I just want to be hugged
  15. Anxiety with all the trimmings
  16. work
  17. Is It Really Me? Or Is It Them?
  18. Terrified to bump into my house mates
  19. school is terrifying
  20. Horrible thoughts
  21. Supermarket panic
  22. Starting to 'notice' that people don't like me
  23. dating/relationships
  24. Group
  25. Just weird.
  26. Who else is unemployed?
  27. How to tell teacher about anxiety
  28. Advice please
  29. University nerves
  30. Tight feeling in throat
  31. Liking people
  32. Oh my god I'm so embarrassed please help
  33. what is the best medication for sa?
  34. passing anxiety on to kids
  35. Why do all social occasions seem to involve alcohol?
  36. Suddenly very lonely
  37. How do I make/find friends?
  38. shopping and being in public often flusters me
  39. Pulled myself away from bad people
  40. Feeling needy, will I ever have a relationship?
  41. Don't have any friends because I don't want any. What's the problem?
  42. Partner with social anxiety affecting son?
  43. Freaking out about going out for dinner
  44. I need help asap
  45. went out on sunday
  46. Obsessed with social status/people liking me
  47. First new job at Zara
  48. Social Practice group for SA Liverpool
  49. Change in Job role...
  50. Help for Anxiety
  51. Recently started taking Sertraline...
  52. heres how i got on in warrington
  53. Anxious around men I find attractive
  54. Going out tonight to a new place with new people..panicking
  55. afraid to call in sick....
  56. At long last a date but ...
  57. People will only accept you if...
  58. do I look scary
  59. Why do I feel so guilty about this?
  60. Is it so wrong or abnormal...?
  61. Difficulty forming emotional bonds
  62. pAAAANIC
  63. Over thinking/rehearsing social interactions
  64. Avoiding noisy places... social anxiety?
  65. fear of leaving house help?
  66. Froze in a meeting
  67. Help for Anxiety
  68. Stuck in with boredom as my companion
  69. Thinking of dating?
  70. Social anxiety, and crippling loneliness ruining my life.
  71. Was out tonight....
  72. west mid safari park
  73. Scared of everybody. Am I destined to be a spinster? I already have the cat.
  74. hypnotherapy
  75. Will these symptoms ever go away?
  76. Really bad interview!!
  77. learning to cope in public
  78. Lying?
  79. Please calm me down
  80. Has anyone on here got over there social anxiety??
  81. Hard to speak about self
  82. Boo! Return of social anxiety
  83. Social anxiety, keeping me from being productive
  84. What would you think if a shy person stopped being shy?
  85. Social Awkwardness!? Anyone Else?
  86. Body lets me down & work problems
  87. Feel like I annoy everyone and no one likes me...
  88. shaky hands in many social situations
  89. Laughing at ourselves
  90. lost
  91. may 21st 2014
  92. Social anxiety just won't go
  93. Taken over my life
  94. Struggling to move on in life...
  95. Grandiose feelings of Uneasiness
  96. Birthday butterflies
  97. Meeting Girlfriends Family/Friends for first time
  98. Got the job.. now what?
  99. Being around anyone other than family...
  100. bank holiday again
  101. Blushing
  102. I can't trust anyone
  103. I don't feel comfotable around my 'best friend'
  104. Daily Symptoms Struggle
  105. Commencement speech
  106. New job...terrified!
  107. 1st step to move forward
  108. Should i go for it?
  109. Upset that my best friend is having sex?
  110. went to butlins 13th of june
  111. What to do??
  112. Social Anxiety and others' attitudes.
  113. is this SA?
  114. Letting people down.
  115. I finally went to the gym
  116. Health anxiety need help
  117. Fluoxetine for Social Anxiety?
  118. friends
  119. feeling down due to my social anxieties and a lack of self confidence
  120. still anxious about women
  121. I did something bad and I don't know what to do
  122. Separation anxiety
  123. Doing it By the Spoonful
  124. All this is taking its toll
  125. big event
  126. Best Man Speech - HELP!
  127. America
  128. Tomorrow!
  129. Strangers
  130. SA Focused Solely On Eye Contact?
  131. Wedding
  132. Assertiveness.... Doesnt come easily? Feel shy... reserved....?
  133. night out
  134. What do you do in a crisis? Ever had to not go home?
  135. some good news :)
  136. Fear of Public Speaking
  137. Anyone found a workbook helpful for SA, fear of blushing etc?
  138. meeting someone...
  139. finding birthdays difficult
  140. just cant have a conversation with anyone
  141. Festivals
  142. anxiety disappeared and is now back???
  143. A little uncomfortable to leave home
  144. Struggling at new job
  145. Don't want to leave the house
  146. Applecore where are you??
  147. dance class
  148. Anxious about my relationship with Dad
  149. school worries
  150. just cant talk to people
  151. I really hope I'm not a broken record to my friends
  152. I think one of my best friends tried to scam me
  153. Need desperately to get over this. Ruining my life.
  154. just wish...
  155. Agreed to a date I don't want to go on...
  156. Bad day at work..
  157. Help with Confidence?
  158. Sensitive to perceived slights by others
  159. University panic
  160. New Job After Long Term Sick - Advice?
  161. Video Training for Aspergers
  162. strangers look at me weird
  163. How do i not care if people stare at me or make fun of me
  164. Tired of being treated and feeling inferior
  165. I guess i'm really not as pretty as i thought should i accept being ugly to strangers
  166. feel socially inept at work
  167. definately getting bashed by anxiety
  168. My favourite place.. The supermarket.. Massive sarcasm..
  169. I want to be liked why don't people like me what's wrong with me
  170. How to deal with behaviour that upsets you
  171. Mortified: I've damaged work's car!
  172. I've given up
  173. Builders In
  174. I really like this girl, but I now I live with regret
  175. Isolating Myself
  176. Is it really all in my head
  177. Nervous wreck
  178. Big stress ahead...
  179. What am I supposed to do? (vent thread)
  180. Confidence is Growing
  181. Boyfriend wants to talk about issues
  182. School is hell
  183. Really struggling to over come this
  184. Good and bad days
  185. Had enough of people really angry
  186. social anxiety
  187. Need to ask doors anyone get neck problems during anxiety????
  188. Feel like a complete idiot at work :-(
  189. So christmas is coming :(
  190. losing hope
  191. I hide away from people especially during events but I don't know why
  192. On the road to a positive path..
  193. Headache and vomiting socially - social!
  194. Have I messed up with a girl, paranoid I've done something wrong
  195. Social anxiety recovery
  196. Lost my personality
  197. Scared
  198. What's wrong with me?!
  199. i hate school right now
  200. Don't Know What To Do
  201. Do I Have Social Anxiety?
  202. pushing myself
  203. Having a good cry
  204. The Chains of Anxiety Inhbiting My Life
  205. Narration of social anxiety with Asperger's.
  206. How to go from JSA - ESA?
  207. Trying to stave off the pre holiday anxiety
  208. At which point do you admit defeat?
  209. Anyone else 30+ living at home?
  210. Struggling to make friends at college/university
  211. Loneliness
  212. embarrassed about the fact I've never moved out
  213. Relationship.. Troubles?
  214. My anxiety made me snubbish
  215. Anxiety became worse
  216. Blackmailed by boss?
  217. Symptoms of Anxiety
  218. Which social situation you hate?
  219. Going on spring break with my friend....
  220. Really can't do this anymore
  221. SA affected my professional life
  222. Adults 30+ no drivers licence, no desire to drive... anybody else?
  223. mirtazapine weight gain
  224. so depressed
  225. Girl help and anxiety
  226. terrified of group situations
  227. Trying to find the true 'root'
  228. things have changes :meh:
  229. Dating now my anxiety is going crazy .
  230. I have no social life and don't know what to do :(
  231. Relationship Anxiety
  232. exercise class
  233. Anxious at 53...
  234. anxiety and looking for love
  235. Job Interview - Scared of panicking and running away!
  236. Everyone in my town are so full of themselves
  237. Need for affirmation
  238. Driving Anxiety
  239. Don't know what more i could do
  240. confrontational strangers
  241. Social anxiety = Did some stupid stuff - would really appreciate a hug right now
  242. No life or friends..
  243. Glastonbury Festival
  244. close friendship dwindling
  245. Does anyone else make plans all the time...
  246. Social Anxiety Or Something Else
  247. Dealing with Social Anxiety at Work
  248. Alcohol anxiety
  249. New to this
  250. Should be over this by now...