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The Team

The entire team at No More Panic is made up of volunteers. There are currently two areas to the team: Administrators and Chat Room Moderators.


The admins are primarily found moderating the forum. They will be following the forum guidelines and will remove/close threads as necessary, contact members with duplicate logins for clarification, merge user accounts, change user login names or email addresses and close unsuitable threads whilst they are under discussion.

The admins are there to help out with any issues on the forum or answer any questions about “How to use NMP” and will be active in dealing with any issues that we receive.

The admins offer their time freely so please respect their actions and decisions.

Chat Room Moderators

The mods are there to ensure smooth running of the chat room and have the ability to warn, freeze, kick or ban members that do not follow the chat room rules. These rules are there for the smooth running of the chat room so please make sure you have read them before joining the live chat.

Please respect the guidance and decision of the chat room mods and if asked to stop a particular conversation, argument, disagreement or any breach of the rules then do so.

You can always talk to a member in Private or leave the chat room and go back later.

The moderators give their time freely to help out on No More Panic so please respect them and adhere to any guidelines they may give you whilst in chat.

You can identify a chat room moderator in chat as they will have (M) against their name to identify them. If you have problems in chat then please try and contact one of the moderators in the first instance to see if they can help.