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Go away Mr Panic – by Liz

Hey Mr Panic! You’re so mean and so tough
Well I’m here to tell you, enough is enough.
You think you’re so scary, you hide waiting to strike
I’m telling you, you can go take a hike!

You made me sad and took my life away,
But I’m still standing to fight one more day.
You made me ill, just so you’re in control
I can handle your punches with a duck and a roll.

Who gave you the right to tell me what to do?
I’m strong and I’m brave and our friendship is through
Who on earth do you think you are?
I’m running this show, It’s me that’s the star!

Go away, Mr Panic, find a new soul to rob
I’m taking my life back, so you’re out of a job.
You are just a sad little man,
I’m going to beat you, and believe me, I can.

So goodbye Mr Panic, I’m back in charge now.
You can exit stage left and take your final bow